I love working for “Care About You” because they understand working hour flexibility. Also, I really enjoy meeting new people and building relationships and routines with them.


I like working for “Care About You” as hours worked can be flexible to suit your own needs. If time is needed off at short notice, the company is very accommodating. The manager/supervisor is very easy to talk to with any problems. “Care About You” are just a great company to work for.


“Care About You” are a fantastic company. Extremely supportive of their staff and provide excellent training opportunities within the company.


I love working for “Care About You”. The office staff and management are efficient, friendly and supportive. I would recommend this company to anyone.


The staff members are all lovely, it is the first company I have worked where the management team actually care about their staff and have helped me a lot. They offer good services and learning opportunities. The job is most rewarding and the clients are lovely.


I have really enjoyed working with “Care About You” for the last year. They have provided me with training and courses that have benefited me greatly in my role as a carer. I have also had fantastic opportunities to develop great relationships with both my clients and colleagues.