Person-Centred Care

“Care About You” follows a person-centred approach when providing care to each of our service users.

A person-centred approach is a process of learning how a person wants to live and then identify what needs to be done to help that person move towards that life whilst ensuring we respect the privacy, dignity, independence and confidentiality of the individual.

While we can offer a wide range of supports to our service users, the type of support each service user receives is completely individualised to meet their specific needs and desires.

Each care plan will be completed specifically for that service user and each service user will be treated based on their own needs and wishes. 

We believe each individual is best suited and most comfortable when they remain in familiar surroundings and therefore care at home ensures they are content and at ease throughout the caring process.

Make an Enquiry

If you are currently caring for a loved one and need some help, “Care About You” will carry out a free assessment on the type of care your loved one requires. Contact us and a member of our staff will be delighted to help. We offer a prompt and efficient response.