Family taken into account when planning psychological care.

Psychological Support Care | Home Care

Psychological Support Home Care is an aspect of care not frequently discussed but is now being incorporated into the home care arena. It is important that the safety of those experiencing psychological difficulties and their family is maintained. Do you or somebody you know find it difficult to cope at times? Have you been diagnosed with any mental health issue? Would you benefit from some extra support? Care About You can help.

All our staff are trained, experienced carers who have worked with individuals coping with mild depression and anxiety to more seriously diagnosed mental health issues. Care About You  have staff who can provide short, medium to long term supports in your home. We offer support to individuals who are in recovery or just finding it hard to cope on their own.

Care About You can deliver bespoke personalised care assistance for:

Dementia and AlzheimersMood Disorders

Intellectual DisabilitiesAnxiety Disorders

Mood Disorders

Everyone at various times feels sad or blue. It is when these feelings become overwhelming or last for long periods of time and affect your daily life that you may need some help. Mood disorders may include Depression and Bi polar disorder. These are common severe illnesses that may lead to an inability to carry out daily living for short or long periods of time. If you have been diagnosed with depression or Bi polar disorder we understand that this can be an emotional time. Daily living to your full potential may require some assistance. Care About You understand this and can provide the support you may need by delivering person centred care. Our aim is to ensure you live your life to its full potential.

Anxiety Disorders

There are many types of anxiety disorders but acute symptoms of anxiety may be triggered by different circumstances for different people. When this happens symptoms may be most pronounced when having to socialise or even when left alone. Care About You are able to support you at this time by providing experienced care staff to help you with daily tasks, assistance through difficult situations or simple companionship.

Challenging Behaviour/ Schizophrenia

Between 10-15% of people with Intellectual disabilities demonstrate some form of behaviour with challenges. Challenging behaviour can significantly interfere with the quality of life for the person and those who live and care for them. There is very little specialist services available and Care About You understand that families require respite from the daily impact of caring, so can provide assistance from 1hour up to 24 hours within the person centred environment

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