Yes, our Care Manager or Care Supervisor will contact you to make arrangements to call out to do an assessment at a time convenient to you. You are welcome to have a friend or family member present at the assessment. During the assessment we will gather a vast amount of information on the assistance you require and your likes and dislikes and how YOU would like to be supported. These assessments and questions will help us to develop a specific care plan for you. Our carers will ensure that the care delivered to you is person-centred in accordance with your wishes. During this meeting we will explain how our service works and answer any questions you may have.

All staff have the required QQI qualifications as defined by the HSE and undergo intensive theoretical and practical induction training. In addition, they undergo further training on HSEland and are provided with additional training to gain a better understanding of the specific needs of some of the individuals they support. As part of the induction process new carers are supervised by the Care Manager/Supervisor or an experienced carer prior to working independently.

Carers are required to complete Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults, Manual Patient Handling, Children First, Infection Prevention and Control, Hand Hygiene and Personal Protective Equipment training (COVID-19 Specific) prior to commencing work with "Care About You".

At "Care About You" we aim to provide consistent support from one or two support workers depending on your needs and call schedule. You will be contacted by one of the management team if it is necessary to introduce a new support worker to cover illness or annual leave. The new support worker will be fully trained and shadowed in by an existing support worker.

At "Care About You" every effort will be made to ensure that the carer arrives to you at the agreed time, however unavoidable delays can happen but in the event that our support worker has been delayed you will be notified and alternative arrangements will be made in line with your requirements.

Contact phone numbers will be provided to you and are also on the care plan that will be in your home. "Care About You" provide a 24/7 telephone on call service. If you dial the office number out of hours you will automatically be diverted to the emergency on call number.

You or your next of kin will be contacted in advance of a support worker taking annual leave, an alternative suitable carer will be offered to you to ensure continuity of care. The new carer will be fully trained and shadowed in by the existing support worker.

Our person-centred approach, intensive training and policies and procedures ensure that our team respect your privacy and treat you with dignity and respect. Our intensive training process specifically addresses these areas of concern including confidentiality. We will promote your independence and support you to live happily and safely in your own home while respecting your privacy and dignity.

Every member of the "Care About You" team is expected to demonstrate a total commitment to quality and quality improvement in every aspect of their working day.

The Managing Director and Care Managers are responsible for establishing, maintaining and implementing a quality management system in the company. This is achieved with the support of all members of the management and staff team and the full involvement of the clients receiving our services.

"Care About You" bases its approach on continuous self-assessment and regular monitoring, reviewing and auditing of practices and procedures. The company aims to be responsive to all forms of external feedback from service users, inspectors/auditors or quality assurance assessors. Service inspections are carried by our supervisors and regular service user feedback is sought. In these ways the company is able to measure achievements against the required standards and make changes where necessary to make improvements.

You can make a complaint by email, telephone or post. A copy of our complaint’s procedure will be in the care plan in your home. This outlines the procedure for making a complaint and our undertaking on how your complaint will be managed and resolved.

Make an Enquiry

If you are currently caring for a loved one and need some help, “Care About You” will carry out a free assessment on the type of care your loved one requires. Contact us and a member of our staff will be delighted to help. We offer a prompt and efficient response.