Advanced home care and support

Advanced Home Care

Care About You is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of Irish home care to all our clients by providing Advanced Home Care. We are here to assist and support the safe discharge and transition from an acute or long term setting to the comfort of your own home or provide the respite care necessary for full time family carers to recharge their batteries.

What is Advanced Home Care?

Advanced home care provides you with all the clinical care and medical supplies that you may need regardless of your medical condition, injury or illness. Care is provided by highly trained and experienced staff whose aim it is to keep you and your loved ones out of hospital. We are dedicated to enabling you or your loved one to live life and be cared for at home.

Below are listed some of the areas of care that we deliver and support clients with to date.

  • Acquired Brain Injuries
  • Tracheostomy (who may or may not be ventilator dependent)
  • Subcut / Intramuscular Injections
  • Home Oxygen
  • Wound CareContact Us
  • Pressure Sores
  • Emergency situations
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Multiple physical/sensory/intellectual disability
  • Advancing age related conditions
  • Catheter Care

We have a wide range of qualified staff with a variety of skills and competencies. Support is also given by experienced care staff dedicated to providing help and support. We are also able to offer access to Allied Health Professional Services i.e. Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy.

Home Care Plans

We offer individual bespoke solutions and support within the home setting. We have an excellent reputation for:

  • Managing complex and emergency situations
  • Working closely with multidisciplinary teams
  • Ensuring, in partnership with clients or their families that the best care possible is delivered
  • Developing solutions to provide the support which best meets the client’s needs

We focus strongly on client outcomes and are committed to reducing hospital re admissions. Our service is designed to educate clients and family members on the medical condition, injury, or illness in an effort to maximize independence. Our staff are also educated and trained in caring to support the reduction of unnecessary re admissions to hospital.

How do I arrange home care?

Our Home Care Coordinator or Senior Nurses will carry out assessments either on site in hospital or in the client’s home. We offer a quick response and personalised attention to your needs making this difficult situation easier by reducing the stress of returning home. So contact our team today to discuss your home care needs.

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