Advice on Hearing Loss

Our ears are a very delicate part of our body and is something we tend to take for granted. Just like any part of our body they require care. If something disturbs the delicate balance inside the ear can upset the way we interpret and receive sounds.


Hearing loss often happens slowly and on average those that have a hearing problem often takes them 10 years to do something about it. Hearing loss that is not treated will not only have an effect on a person’s quality of life but it also affects the brains ability to remember familiar sounds. When the hearing begins to fade the brain stores sound for about three years. Then after seven years the memory gradually becomes weaker and weaker.

Therefore if fitting a hearing aid is delayed there is a risk that the brain will have to re-learn every day sounds. Care About You as a result would encourage those that have difficult in hearing to have a hearing test to discover whether or not they require a hearing aid.