Staying Warm this Winter

Like the song says winter can be the most wonderful time of year but being cold can take the fun out of it.  Care About You are here to offer some useful information on keeping you and your family  warm this winter.

  1. If you have a fuel and electricity allowance please use it to stay warm this winter. For more information on the allowance visit
  2. We lose most of our heat through our head and feet so wear warm socks a hat and layer your clothing when going outsideKeep Warm this Winter
  3. Snuggle up under a blanket. Have extra blankets around, place extra blankets on your bed at night. Place some blankets on your couch for when you are reading or watching TV
  4. Use a hot water bottle to warm your bed at night before you get in.
  5. Eat at least one hot meal and drink plenty of hot fluids such as hot chocolates, Tea and Coffee. Eat meals like stews.
  6. Get up and move around, exercise even gentle exercise can warm up your body.
  7. Make sure that there is a lagging jacket on your hot water cylinder
  8. Seal up all drafts
  9. Light a fire, a fire can keep you warm and also provides a very pleasant atmosphere
  10. Use smaller rooms and close doors. It is much easier to heat and retain the heat in a smaller room.

If anyone would like some more advice and information relating to keep you or a loved one warm this winter please do not hesitate to contact Care About You on 061479003.